Bioinformatics events in Europe in 2019

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Continuing the tradition from last year, here are some conferences and summer schools that will take place in Europe in 2019 and may be of interest to fellow bioinformaticians. I’ll be doing more curation this time, so the list will be shorter but with higher signal to noise ratio.

Event Dates Location Early registration price Early registration deadline
Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing March 25–26 Antwerp, Belgium €500 February 11
Population genomics: Background, tools and programming March 30–April 6 Procida, Italy €1000 January 31
Advanced Lecture Course on Computational Systems Biology March 31–April 6 Aussois, France €800 February 28
Joint Summer School “Epigenetics in Single Cells” April 3–10 London, UK; Berlin, Germany Free February 15
The 2019 whole-cell modeling summer school April 7–13 Barcelona, Spain €1000 December 1, 2018
European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) June 15–18 Gothenburg, Sweden €500 April 4
European Conference on Computational Biology July 21–25 Basel, Switzerland CHF 942.38 June 20
CPANG: Computational PANGenomics September 9–13 Oeiras, Portugal €450 September 2
[BC]²: Basel Computational Biology Conference September 10–11 Basel, Switzerland CHF 300 June 12
NGSchool October 24–31 Białobrzegi, Poland May 1
European Bioconductor Meeting December 9–10 Brussels, Belgium €125