Bioinformatics events in Europe in 2018

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Here are some conferences and summer schools that will take place in Europe in 2018 and may be of interest to fellow bioinformaticians.

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Event Dates Location Early registration price Early registration deadline
Festival of Genomics London January 30–31 London, UK Free
Information transmission in biological systems March 5–9 Będlewo, Poland February 10
Single Cell Biology March 6–8 Hinxton, UK ₤229–429 Novermber 28 (2017)
From individual based models to structured population level description March 12–16 Będlewo, Poland €200
NGS April 9–11 Barcelona, Spain €125–395 March 12
RECOMB April 21–24
Satellites: April 19–20
Paris, France €135–700 February 26
Workshop on Data Structures in Bioinformatics May 16–17 Helsinki, Finland
Quantitative Genomics June 14 London, UK ₤40 March 31
From Cells to Process: Advances and Challenges in Single Cell Biology June 28–29 Berlin, Germany Free May 15
Statistical Data Analysis for Genome Scale Biology July 8–13 Brixen, Italy €850–2440 May 15
Computational Immunology, Immunotherapy and Autoimmune Diseases Summer School July 25–31 Lipari, Italy €500 April 20
Dresden Summer School in Systems Biology August 11–18 Dresden, Germany €100–500 April 20
Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology August 18–22 Montpellier, France €100–500
European Conference on Computational Biology September 8–12 Athens, Greece €420–860 July 31
NGSchool September 16–23 Lublin, Poland June 30
Genome Informatics September 17–20 Hinxton, UK ₤320–520 June 26
Single-cell RNABIO & organoids September 28–30 Kyiv, Ukraine Free August 15
German Conference on Bioinformatics September 25–28 Vienna, Austria €400 July 15
Grand BIMSB Opening Symposium October 25–27 Berlin, Germany