Long-term reminders

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By long-term reminders I mean things that are not actionable right now, but at some point in the future become important to take care of: cancel a subscription or a credit card, renew a passport/visa/driver’s license etc.

At one point I used nudgemail for this. However, I ran into a pretty serious date parsing/scheduling bug: I had two reminders, one for October 6 and one for October 20, and both arrived on October 1. I never received a response to the email I sent to support@nudgemail.com, so I don’t consider them reliable anymore.

That got me thinking: what is a reliable way to send a message to the future me?

Here’s what I decided in the end, inspired by the birthday program:

  1. I write my reminders in a simple text file structured like this:


    For instance:

    2021-01-03   Renew ro-che.info
  2. I wrote a small Haskell program that parses the file and prints any reminders that are due.

  3. I added remind ~/my/reminders.txt to ~/.zshrc.

I figured that in several years I’ll still be using terminals and zsh, and I tend to back up and transfer these files to new systems, so this is one of the most reliable way to send a message to the future for me.