Roman Cheplyaka

Please help me with these open source Haskell projects

Published on May 4, 2017

Here are some pull requests and issues that have been awaiting my attention for months or years.

Sadly, I haven’t found and probably won’t find enough time for them. So I am asking you for help.

If you can work on and close at least one of the items below, that would be awesome.

Thanks to people who have helped so far:

Update (2017-06-14). I now have processed most of the PRs here myself.

Pull requests awaiting reviews

These are pull requests submitted to my projects. For each one, I describe what needs to be done.

ansi-terminal: add save, restore, report cursor

Needs a review and testing on different platforms.

ansi-terminal: compatibility with Win32- and above

Needs review and testing.

tasty: build with GHCJS

This one actually has little to do with tasty or ghcjs; it only needs a PR for the clock package to fall back to time.

tasty: make --quickcheck-show-replay always show the seed (not just on failure)

Need to figure out how to fix this without going back to random (see this comment).

temporary: canonicalized versions of withSystemTempDirectory and withTempDirectory

Needs another pair of eyes — especially regarding the mysterious withCanonicalizedSystemTempDirectory.

tasty: add soft timeouts

When a QuickCheck test runs into a timeout, Tasty does not report the input values generated by QuickCheck for the interrupted run.

This PR is probably affected by this change in exception handling — you’ll need to figure out how exactly and update the pull request appropriately.

immortal: add wait

Done on 2017-05-07 by Alexey Zabelin

For graceful shutdown, I wait for threads to finish in my servers main loop. I would like to do the same with Immortal threads.

What needs to be done:

  1. Rebase
  2. Add a test

tasty-golden: add golden test for text files

I think the point of this PR is to add an internal diff implementation, but I am not sure.

If you understand and like the idea, please update the PR and make a new case for it; otherwise I’ll probably close it.

tasty: Silence a few GHC warnings

Needs rebase and review.

Issues that need to be fixed

Here are a couple of issues that I care about and was going to fix myself, but can’t find the time.

stack: no package names in haddock index

xmonad: notifications pop up on top of xscreensaver